Drawing in public

In January I started with an experiment at the store MijnTafel in Groningen.
I sitt at the coffee-table and draw on request visitors. I have had many positiv reactions and comments.

My first customer was a woman visiting and staying at her sons place in Groningen. She was very enthusiastic while making her drawing. When it was finished she hesitated and thought it wasn’t quite right. Fortunately there where two women watching and they confirmed that the drawing was very much accurate.

Most people love pictures and drawings of others, but have a hard time accepting or recognizing one of there own. I do too some times … with this selfportrait. I wasn’t sure it was accurate, but it is. And with photographes I have no problems and can accept my looks and appearance.

Yvon selfportrait

Its been a while since I made portraits of people, and for the first time in public.
The contacts with the visitors is most of the time positiv, often refreshing and at times inspiring.
I like to practice when there is no request and use pictures from magazines or just my fantasy and sometimes a visitor who is unaware she or he is being portraied.

Annie Lennox baby boy George Michael
Annie Lennox                                        baby boy                          George Michael                             These are some examples of my drawings made at the coffee-table and at home                    (as preparation).

Pablo 01  and this is a portrait of Pablo, an employee at MijnTafel.

I like this kind of interaction with people and hope to continue this work, at MijnTafel or somewhere else.

DSCF9023 my drawing-place

Kind regards

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